Nosepiece Aids Breathing in Cold (Jul, 1933)

If it’s cold enough that you need to pull your nostrils open with a hook, I suggest simply wearing a scarf or face mask. Also, what do you do if you don’t wear glasses?

Nosepiece Aids Breathing in Cold

HERE’S a new slant on curing colds in the head. It’s a little adjustable hook which fastens to the nosepiece of your eyeglasses to lift up the nostrils and facilitate the passage of air through the nasal openings. How this extremely novel gadget is worn is illustrated in the photo at the left.

  1. Stannous says: April 18, 20072:24 pm

    The primitive version of Breathe Right Strips!

  2. Jeff says: January 17, 20083:23 pm

    They beat Steve Martin to the punch…

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