Novel Auto Windshield Predicted For 1945 (Apr, 1939)

Novel Auto Windshield Predicted For 1945
DEMONSTRATED at a recent convention of the Society of Automotive Engineers held in Detroit, Mich., the huge streamlined curved windshield shown at left was presented as a possible feature of the roadster of 1945. Made of a special flexible “glass,” the windshield is a type that is used principally on airplanes and speedboats at present.

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  1. […] Of course, not all of the website’s dedicated to car stuff – most of it’s vintage nerderrific ads and other sundry articles, but every now and then, they reproduce something like the Heavily Armored Police Car from 1935, the auto-engined 300 mph motorcycle, the You Drive a MILLION DOLLAR Automobile article, the SKOOT-MOBILE ad or the prediction of a bubbletop windshield from 1939. […]

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