Novel Car Is Air-Conditioned for Summer and Winter (Feb, 1938)

Novel Car Is Air-Conditioned for Summer and Winter

FOUR persons sit abreast in an automobile of revolutionary design recently completed in California. Equipped with a front-wheel drive, electric gear shift, and four forward speeds, the luxurious land yacht can attain speeds in excess of 120 miles an hour. Other features of the novel automobile include complete summer and winter air-conditioning, green-tinted safety glass to reduce glare, shock absorbers adjustable through a dash control, inclosed two-passenger rumble seat, and walls lined with cork and rubber for safety.

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  1. Steve Z says: October 9, 200711:28 am

    This is when the US was actually still interested in educating engineers rather then just managers.
    Currently HEAT-Exchangers are “hot” in the European market for their heating capability due to the high energy costs. The dual-purpose heat-exchangers make 3KW of heat for every 1KW of power consumed; making then a tad more expensive then the cheapest heat-sources: solid fuels(wood,coal etc).

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