Novel Colored Postcards Made With Cancelled Stamps (Jan, 1930)

Novel Colored Postcards Made With Cancelled Stamps

Fashioning artistic postcards with cancelled postage stamps is all in the day’s work for an obscure Chinese artisan of Formosa. He sketches his scenes and then fills them in with parts of stamps, to make truly colorful pictures. Two of his best pieces of work show a lady riding in a rickshaw and a lady riding a caribou. Exceedingly intricate designs can be worked out with the stamps and the art introduced by the Chinese is destined to become quite a fad.

  1. Bobbie says: January 14, 20113:28 pm

    Caribou? Looks kind of like a water buffalo to me.

  2. rick s. says: January 14, 20115:08 pm


    In some Asian countries water buffalo are called caribou.


  3. Toronto says: January 14, 20119:29 pm

    Wapati, maybe.

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