Novel Frown-Wrinkle Preventives (Sep, 1939)

Novel Frown-Wrinkle Preventives

Shaped like a pair of wings, adhesive tabs just placed on the market as a new beauty aid are designed to prevent the formation of facial wrinkles and lines. Pasted on the forehead and around the eyes when doing any close work that tends to make a person squint, the tabs hold the skin smooth and prevent the creation of tiny furrows in the face, according to the manufacturer. The frown-preventing wings may also be used as a beauty aid while sleeping, being applied to the face just before going to bed.

  1. Erica says: July 9, 20088:59 am

    Looks like a still from Hitchcock’s not-terribly-famous horror film, THE MOTHS…

  2. Torgo says: July 9, 20086:00 pm

    I was thinking it looks like a Dali painting. Jeanette MacDonald with moths or mustaches, or maybe both.

  3. StanFlouride says: July 9, 20086:13 pm

    Of course this would not work but why would it be any better than say, Scotch® tape or a Band-Aid®?

  4. Blurgle says: July 9, 20088:58 pm

    I suspect, SnF2, that it’s stiffer than a band-aid or Scotch tape.

    Although we in our century can’t say much given how much ‘wrinkle cream’ is sold. I just saw a man’s version of wrinkle cream – “none of the frills”, the box said. It was $15 more than women’s wrinkle cream – $75 to $60, about, for the same size container.

    The ingredients cost about three-tenths of a cent.

  5. Kitty says: September 16, 200810:00 pm

    These are still on the market today. They are called frown-eze I think and I do know that actress Rene Russo swears by them!

  6. Rita McDonald says: October 31, 200810:53 pm

    I am a consumer interested in purchasing the wings used to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Thanks Rita McDonald @ 128 Penwood Loop, Covington, LA. 70433

  7. WJMuir says: December 26, 200812:48 am

    These were actually called Hollywood Wings, and they were very popular in their day. When Marilyn Monroe’s makeup case went to auction at Christies, Hollywood Wings were among the items found in it. I remember seeing them advertised in fashion magazines back in the day. I’ve looked everywhere for the darn things, and I think they are no longer made under this name.

    The most similar thing on the market is “Frownies” and “Wrinkies”, which are not wing-shaped, but cut in triangles. They are made out of heavy brown paper backed with the kind of adhesive that activates when water is applied. (Think of old-fashioned paper postal tape). They can be ordered online:…
    I own them. I like them. And yes, many women swear by them.

  8. Judy says: July 8, 20113:08 pm

    These were fantastic. I used them along with Estee Lauder, Clinique, Neutragina my whole adult life – the best for the frown in the middle of the face. A lady was selling from East Hampton … and she must have died. You had to write a letter … they were stiff and you had a good couple of hours lineless, and preventative – however not nice with to ware with a boyfriend around – I was always very secretative about my wings … now s o is selling frownies for twice as much … but there’s no picture.

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