Novel Gas Gun Is Death On Flies (Sep, 1936)

It must have sucked for the students sitting near the fly. I wonder what the mortality rate of his lectures was.

Novel Gas Gun Is Death On Flies

SOMETHING of a crack shot is Dr. J. F. McClendon, of the University of Minnesota, who will not permit flies in his classroom or laboratory.

His air gun is loaded with pyrethrum concentrate, which is four times as strong as ordinary insecticides. When a fly zooms in to put on an annoying aerial exhibition, plop! goes the good doctor’s trusty gun, and there is one less fly to fight against.

  1. MitchA says: August 23, 20129:50 am

    I saw a video the other day of gun along these same lines. The difference being it shot a pinch of salt.

  2. jayessell says: August 23, 20123:37 pm

    Search YouTube for the anti-mosquito laser.

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