Novel Ice Cream Dispenser (Feb, 1932)

Novel Ice Cream Dispenser

SODA jerkers and confectioners who are called on to “dish up” ice cream cones will appreciate the labor-saving features of a new tray which holds the cones in such a manner that both hands are free for the filling operation. Aside from its time-saving aspect, the tray permits the salesman to pause in his work of filling the cones in case he is called on to serve a rush customer.

The section containing the holes which hold the cones fits over a wooden tray base, so that the device comes in two parts. Advertising copy for ice cream manufacturers can be imprinted on the holders.

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  1. fluffy says: October 28, 20092:24 pm

    I love these articles about the origins of everyday obvious-in-retrospect things that you hardly ever even notice.

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