NOVEL THREAD RACK DEPICTS Little Miss Muffet (Apr, 1939)


BECAUSE of its appeal to childhood memories, this “Little Miss Muffet” thread rack is a gift novelty of a unique and attractive type. The shelf, Miss Muffet, and her bowl are cut from plywood. The web consists of a center block bored to take twelve small sticks of varying lengths, around which some metallic gift-wrapping cord is wound. The spider is shaped from %” thick insulating wall board or other soft material and dipped in black paint. The back part of the body is left thick to serve as a pincushion. The legs are black wire.

Two spokes of the web are set into holes in the top of the shelf, and Miss Muffet is fastened to the shelf with small screws or nails. A single nail secures the spider to the center block of the web. The bowl and spoon may be cemented on, or the bowl fastened with very small brads.—D. C. M.

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