Now…choose your vocational training! (Feb, 1959)

Now…choose your vocational training!

new “choose-it-yourself” training system guarantees CHOICE, not chance.

Now you can pick the vocational training you like! Under the Army’s new “choose-it-yourself” Vocational Training System, you choose your vocational training … and it’s guaranteed before you enlist. Here’s your opportunity to get valuable training and practical experience in the kind of work you enjoy!

Choose your vocational training from many interesting categories like these …

Here’s how you “CHOOSE-IT-YOURSELF”:

Radar & TV Repair
Atomic Weapons
Military Intelligence
Military Police
Physical Medicine
Ballistic Missile Repair
Combat Engineering
Drafting & Cartography
Metal Working
Automotive Maintenance
Machine Accounting

1. CHOOSE …before enlistment!

Choose the vocational training you like from the categories currently available. Your Army recruiter will give you all information and advice you need.

2. QUALIFY …before enlistment !

Take aptitude and physical examinations.. . to be eligible, you must have a qualifying aptitude score and meet minimum physical requirements for your choice.

3. KNOW …before enlistment !

If you qualify, you know you’ll get the vocational training you like! Your choice is written into your future Army record—guaranteed before you enlist.

CHOOSE, QUALIFY and KNOW . . . without the slightest obligation to enlist! You get the Army vocational training you like—guaranteed in writing—or you don’t enlist! This week, ask your local Army recruiter for complete details about the new Army system which lets you do the choosing.


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