Introducing Casio’s newest, the C-80 Calculator Chronograph. A watch that figures to replace a lot of other watches. And calculators. And stopwatches.

In fact, it even replaces the age-old myth that a timepiece loaded with talent has to be expensive.

The Casio C-80 is priced at only $75.

A calculator made for real lingers.

Here’s the first calculator chronograph that can be operated easily with your fingertips. No need to use a stylus or pen; the keys are far enough apart that even the broadest fingers can work them.

Now you can add, subtract, multiply, divide—perform chain calculations up to six places, plus decimal. Numbers appear in crisp liquid crystal digits. There’s even an indicator that tells you exactly which function is being performed.

Stopwatch, 2 time zones— and more.

The push of a button turns your calculator into a fiercely talented stopwatch. You get 1/100 of a second accuracy, lap times, and up to 59.59 minutes of track-style timekeeping. Timing automatically starts over after the hour.

You also get two time zones; the second zone can be set for 12 or 24-hour time (especially useful for frequent travelers). Hours, minutes and seconds are displayed with reliable ± 15 second-a-month quartz precision. AM/PM indicator is always visible.

Press another button, day of the week and date appear. And another for built-in night light.

Feather-light, yet rugged.

The 1 oz. case and band are constructed of high impact black plastic. And so lightweight and comfortable, you may not realize that on your wrist you’re wearinq—among other things—a clever calculator.

Other companies have tried introducing similar watches, only using bulky stainless steel. These steel versions sacrifice the comfort, lightness, and handsome appearance provided by the latest advanced plastics.

What’s more, this Casio chronograph is built incredibly rugged to provide years of reliable service. There are no mechanical parts to wear out or break. A tough mineral glass crystal prevents scratching. And the tightly fitted case and crystal provide water resistance for everyday use.

Reserve yours now.

You might wonder why you haven’t seen this superb chronograph in the stores. The fact is, it isn’t going to be in any stores—not for a while.

However, beginning late March 1980, The Sharper Image will be the first people anywhere to take delivery on these exciting Casios. And you can reserve yours now. But please order immediately to be assured of earliest delivery. As quantity is limited, orders will be handled on a first come, first served basis.

And as always, The Sharper Image guarantees your satisfaction. If not delighted with your new Casio, simply return it within two weeks for a full and courteous refund. One-year manufacturer’s warranty and 15-month (normal use) battery included.

ORDER NOW TOLL-FREE Please order product #134. Credit card holders may use our toll-free number below. Or send check for $75 plus $2.50 delivery. Add $4.50 sales tax in California.

800 227-3436 In California 800 622-0733 THE SHARPER IMAGE 260 California St., Dept. BJ- 051 San Francisco, CA 94111 (415) 788-8880

  1. Charlene says: June 24, 20117:29 am

    This was $215 in 2011 dollars…which is roughly the average current resale price of a C-80 in good shape.

  2. Hirudinea says: June 24, 20119:55 am

    And today you can get one like this in the dollar store, but considering the quality if you wanted to use it for a year it would probably cost you $215 in replacements.

  3. Rangachari Anand says: June 24, 20111:31 pm

    I had a Casio CFX 400 scientific calculator watch in the 80s – really came in handy on many occasions.

  4. Thundercat says: June 26, 20116:12 pm

    I proudly wore the texas instruments version of the calculator watch (which looks almost identical to this) for several years.

  5. Toronto says: June 26, 20118:44 pm

    Not precisely connected to this watch, but I just saw a neat tshirt for LED watch fans:


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