NOW-GET ALL 3 with Futurized Raytheon TV (Dec, 1951)

I’m pretty sure that Microtherm thing is an external microwave. This is probably not the best medical tool.

NOW-GET ALL 3 with Futurized Raytheon TV

* All 83 new UHF channels!

* Razor-sharp TV pictures!

* Extra fringe area power!

Enjoy fine reception of razor-sharp pictures by turning only one dial. Raytheon uses all the tubes and power needed for wonderful, clear-focus pictures —no “short cuts”, no dim, fuzzy pictures!

Be ready, too, for the new Ultra High Frequency channels. New low-cost UHF tuner (optional) gets all 83 new channels. becomes part of regular tuner inside cabinet—no messy outside boxes or wires!

Whisper-sensitive Tuner, specially designed and built by Raytheon, picks up and amplifies the faintest TV signals, gives clear pictures even in distant fringe areas.

See Raytheon TV now. You can buy Futurized Raytheon TV with confidence!

FREE TV BUYERS GUIDE Tells mistakes to avoid in buying TV. Ask your Raytheon Dealer, or write Belmont Radio Corporation.

THE STARLIGHT, RC1720, fine 17″ TV- AM radio – 3-speed record player combination, 24 tubes.
Price includes tax, warranty extra; subject to change; higher West and South. $349.95

War-born Radar helps heal the sick Built around the famous “magnetron” tube, Raytheon Microtherm® generates penetrating energy for deep heating. Used by leading physicians and hospitals. No electrodes, pads, arcs or shocks! Avoids TV interference!

TUNE IN John Cameron Swayze sponsored by Raytheon, NBC Radio Network, Sunday afternoons. See local paper for time and station.


Raytheon TV Sets are manufactured by the Belmont Radio Corporation, 5921 West Dickens Avenue, Chicago 39, Ill., a subsidiary of


  1. Andrew L Ayers says: March 1, 20129:34 am

    Here’s an interesting paper on early research of “microwave diathermy”, as it was known at the time:…

    I haven’t read it in detail, but at least up until 1960, results were mixed, and I think leaning toward “not good for you”; I’m not sure what more current research, if any, has revealed…

  2. Andrew L Ayers says: March 1, 20129:37 am

    Hmm – looking up “diathermy” brought this up:…

    …and googling “microwave diathermy” showed images of newer machines and other information – so I think it is considered a legitimate treatment (?) for certain medical conditions, under FCC regulations for the frequencies allowed.

  3. Anonymous Tipster says: March 1, 20121:50 pm

    There were never “83 new channels”.

    When UHF was added to TV, the new channels were 14-83 so at that time there were 70 new channels.

    VHF channels 2-13 were already in use (12 channels).

  4. Charlene says: March 1, 20122:13 pm

    $349.00 in 1951 is roughly the equivalent of $3,000 in 2012.

  5. Hirudinea says: March 1, 20125:14 pm

    @ Andrew L Ayers – I looked up Microwave Diathermy too, heres a link explaining it simply enough that I un derstood it.…

    @ Charlene – But in 1951 this was like an OLED HD 3D Bigscreen TV so its not that out of line.

  6. G. L. Tyrebyter says: March 5, 20127:43 pm

    17″ TV in 1952 was a large screen set. It also had a radio and phono. This was definitely a high end TV for the time.

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