Now more than ever Give her a Hoover and you give her the best (Dec, 1936)

I agree with the ad, if you give your wife a vacuum cleaner for christmas, you can be sure of getting “Positive Agitation”. And no sex.

Now more than ever Give her a Hoover and you give her the best

Smart cellophane wrappings hide something thrillingly new in helpfulness. Lucky woman! Her husband’s giving her the Hoover One Fifty Cleaning Ensemble… the first basically new cleaner in 10 years. Now she’ll clean everything as she goes … rug-and-furniture cleaner in one ensemble, instantly convertible. Now she’ll clean with new ease… a new wonder-metal, magnesium, gives new lightness. Now she’ll have a cleaner crisply modern… new Henry Dreyfuss design. Now she’ll have at her beck and call conveniences never before known to cleaners… 15 major improvements. Plus the rug-protecting cleaning action that only the Hoover can give—patented Positive Agitation.


  1. Vacuum Sensei says: September 24, 20079:27 am

    I wonder how well something that old actually worked. At least it was equipped with “positive” instead of negative agitation.

  2. Blurgle says: September 24, 200711:56 am

    I had one of those!

    It wasn’t a disaster, despite being 50 years old (and the wiring was the reason I stopped using it). It couldn’t handle shag, though, understandably since shag didn’t exist in 1936.

    I swear I have half the “New Things for the Kitchen” from the 40s and 50s you find.

  3. Firebrand38 says: September 24, 20077:28 pm

    This is probably him getting back at her for serving La Choy Chow Mein everytime it’s Hilda’s night off.

  4. Anne says: April 8, 20088:09 pm

    “Here, honey, open this one next!”

    “A vacuum cleaner? A VACUUM CLEANER? You don’t think the house is clean enough? YOU try doing it with three kids underfoot and having to cook your supper besides!” *doorslam*

    “But the ad said you’d love it…”

  5. Benzene says: April 8, 20088:42 pm

    That must be one hell of a vacuum if they’re offering financing right in the ad like it’s a car. I wonder if you could talk them down to 85 cents a week if you have good credit.

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