Now TV Has a Memory (Jun, 1960)

Now TV Has a Memory

THIS multiple exposure photo shows how a new television camera tube “memorizes” what it sees.

To demonstrate it, the young woman stood before the TV camera for a split second, then walked around immediately to see her image frozen on the receiver screen.

Developed by the Westinghouse electronic tube division, Elmira, N. Y., the tube is called Perma-chon and operates as an electronic film. A photoconductor material on the tube’s faceplate stores the picture, and after exposure an electron beam scans the faceplate to transfer the image to a conventional picture screen. The stored pictures will stay on the screen as long as an hour for study or photographing.

Potential uses include air-traffic control, where it could provide continuous tracings of aircraft on the radarscope; photofinishes at racetracks, and memorizing of fluoroscopic images to reduce exposure time.

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