Octagonal Hangar Houses Planes Without Waste Space (Dec, 1929)

Octagonal Hangar Houses Planes Without Waste Space

WHENEVER a new aviation field or airdrome is planned there always arises the problem as to the type of hangar which should be erected. If the aviation field is planned for a small town or for a limited number of planes the problem is simple but when a modern airdrome with unlimited aerial traffic is contemplated, conditions are different. In this latter case the maximum amount of shelter must be provided with the minimum amount of space taken up. It is obvious that hangars can not be erected at random around the field.

Commencing with the hangars of 20 years ago attempts have been made to secure economical housing for airplanes. In order to provide shelter for these aerial vehicles which have a most unfortunate shape in so far as hangars are concerned, engineers have produced ‘T’ shaped, square and rectangular buildings. All of these types have their disadvantages and most of them have considerable waste space.

Recently the hexhangar made its appearance. This type has a hexagonal or octagonal ground plan. It provides the maxi- mum amount of floor space for airplanes and at the same time is very convenient. Any plane can be taken out without moving any of the others. Each of the six sides has a door and each door opens to accommodations for one plane. The centre of the building can be used for office space, store room, machine shops, or pilots’ and mechanics’ rooms. To date it seems to be by far the most economical and convenient hangar produced.

  1. Charlene says: June 24, 20116:43 pm

    “without waste space”. Sure, if you don’t count all the extra ramp space you need.

  2. Jari says: June 25, 201111:15 am

    And of course every single plane had uniform dimensions, right?

  3. lwatcdr says: June 26, 20116:41 pm

    They no more need to be uniform in space than aircraft using T-Hangers. The ramp space if more of an issue.

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