Odd Figures You Can Form with Your Hands (May, 1933)

Odd Figures You Can Form with Your Hands

AMUSING figures, grotesquely resembling human beings, may be made with the fingers and a few simple accessories such as a tuft of cotton, eyes from a discarded doll, and a streak or two of paint. The six poses illustrated here were created by Otto Croy, German artist. With a little ingenuity, almost unlimited variations may easily be devised.

  1. Aler says: February 17, 20085:54 pm

    Santa looks more like the Ayatollah.

  2. julien says: February 22, 20086:29 am

    this is so incredible.

  3. Knight says: February 23, 20087:27 pm

    The precursor for “Puppetry of The Penis”.

  4. Chris says: March 1, 200810:34 am

    Is it just me, or does anyone else think the Santa Claus in the lower left looks a lot like the Ayatollah?

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