Odd Traffic Signs Warn Motorists (Sep, 1931)

16 mph? Were early speedometers in binary?

Odd Traffic Signs Warn Motorists
ESPECIALLY designed to command instant notice of motorists, a new type of traffic signal, recently put into use in Philadelphia, is shaped like a diamond and equipped with a blinker light to give additional warning. The signals are installed at all corners likely to prove hazardous to speeding motorists.

  1. George says: December 10, 20103:25 pm

    I was surprised when I read the article that the oddness was a blinking light. The non-round 16 MPH would have caught my attention.

  2. Toronto says: December 10, 20107:17 pm

    Hex, Charlie, hex.

  3. Stan Hall says: December 10, 20108:08 pm

    My father, who passed away last year at the age of 94, once told me he remembered when highway speed limits were 25 mph and in town, 8 mph.

  4. Mike says: December 11, 20103:30 am

    I think it is used because it sticks out, in Orlando I have seen a 23mph sign. I flashing light sign is still used in school zones.

  5. Mike says: December 11, 20103:31 am

    Oh and there is no “16” in binary.

  6. Charlie says: December 11, 201010:17 am

    Yes, I know 16 isn’t in binary, It would have been better to say a power of two.

  7. LightningRose says: December 11, 201010:20 am

    There are only 10 types of people in the world. Those who understand binary, and those who don’t.

  8. hwertz says: December 11, 20101:16 pm

    I know I’m being pedantic, but it’d drive me nuts to see signs saying to slow to “16 miles” instead of “16 miles per hour”, since miles aren’t a speed.

  9. DouglasUrantia says: December 11, 20102:57 pm

    My favorite sign is: Clearance – 14′ -16″

  10. Mike Brown says: December 13, 20108:17 am

    “The non-round 16 MPH would have caught my attention.”

    But not that of anyone in Philadelphia – speed limit signs aren’t round in the United States. They’re usually rectangular.

  11. Charlie says: December 13, 20109:15 am

    Mike Brown: As far as I know the only standard round traffic signs in the US are for railroad crossings.

  12. Casandro says: December 14, 201012:17 am

    Seriously, what’s the problem with 16 MPH? OK, MPH is an odd unit as m/s or km/h would have been more usefull units.

  13. Casandro says: December 15, 20101:06 am

    Ohh the “Miles” is definitely wrong. On a further note, doesn’t that image look awfully doctored? I mean in real life they would have placed the sign further away from the roots of the tree.

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