Odd Ventilator Pumps Pure Air to Bomb Cellar (Apr, 1940)

Odd Ventilator Pumps Pure Air to Bomb Cellar

Knowing that poison gas seldom rises more than thirty feet above ground level, a British inventor worked out an odd device designed to draw fresh air into gasproof shelters on or under the ground. Resembling a giant accordion, a special hand-operated bellows sucks fresh air into the shelter through a flue pipe that extends up forty feet above the ground. Said to be foolproof, the apparatus draws in air at the rate of 400 -cubic feet a minute.

  1. Rick Auricchio says: October 13, 20079:02 am

    I’m glad he’s wearing that hat indoors.

    And is that shadow on his face from a bushy mustache, or is it from a cigar?

  2. mrchurchill109 says: November 8, 20075:37 am

    Amusingly, that is a near-twin to pumps used by POWs at Stalag Luft III during the digging of the three escape tunnels that were used in a large breakout during WWII.

    Necessity is a gifted teacher…


  3. Baron Waste says: July 7, 20081:18 pm

    He’s cutting that awful fine – I’d want more than ten feet measured from where poison gas usually ends!

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