Office Putting Course Is a Rug in Its Spare Time (Jul, 1961)

Office Putting Course Is a Rug in Its Spare Time

Golfing executives who practice putting in the office can really go first class with the new “Cocktail Golf” rug.

The miniature three-hole golf course is a textured rug made of nylon with a putting course laid out in different colors and pile depths. The holes are three soft rubber practice cups. There’s a built-up rough around the edge, a smooth, flat fairway, depressed sand traps and even a water hazard in the center.

With the cups removed, it’s an attractive rug in an abstract pattern. At-home golfers could use it as well in a den or living room. It’s made by Carter Bros. Rug Co., Chattanooga 5, Tenn.

  1. Blurgle says: June 20, 200810:10 am

    Attractive, if your idea of attractive includes giant malformed amoeba.

  2. Myles says: June 20, 200811:30 am

    The assistant looks pissed. I would be to, practice at home.

  3. Torgo says: June 20, 20087:07 pm

    The photo is wonderful in so many ways.

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