Fred Perry, Pittsburgh. Pa., hobbyist, has spent years making this working model of an early 1900 Pennsylvania oil field which stands on a platform in his garage.

Miniature powerhouse supplies jack pumps with power to bring oil from wells to nearby tanks. Pipelines then carry it to the storage tanks.

Here Perry tightens bolt on tiny jack pump with one of the special tools he had to make himself in order to assemble and maintain his oil field.

Storage tank Perry holds is made of cypress, as are derricks, the same as real ones used to be. Wood is squirted with oil to add realistic look.

Close-up shows minute pipelines. Real 82-foot-high derricks took only week to assemble. One of Perry’s four-footers took him a month to make.

  1. Hirudinea says: June 21, 20129:27 am

    That’s a really amazing model, what people won’t do for a hobby, but did he use real oil in it? You think that would be both messy and smelly.

  2. Zeppflyer says: June 22, 201210:49 am

    I’ve seen that model! The derrick in the third picture (where he’s holding the tank is on display at the National Pike Steam and Gas show in Brownsville, PA. Or, if it’s not the same one, it’s built to the same scale of the same materials. I had no idea where it was built. I’ll try to remember to get a picture at the next show in August.

    http://www.nationalpike… (Pardon the atrocious web design.)

    if you enjoy the material on ModMech and you live anywhere in Western PA or northern WV, it is very much worth your time to make it to a show. Hundreds of old tractors, stationary motors, vehicles, pieces of equipment, a locomotive, saw mill, etc. They even have a couple acres of ‘sand box’ where guys who never quite grew up can play with earth moving equipment going back to the 1890’s. And, perhaps the best part, is that no one there seems to have ever heard of ‘liability’ or ‘safety’. You can walk right up to all of this operating equipment and the owners will merely trust you to not be an idiot.

  3. Hirudinea says: June 23, 20123:17 pm

    @ Zeppflyer – Sounds like fun!

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