Oiled Balloons Limber up ‘Gators (Sep, 1931)

Oiled Balloons Limber up ‘Gators

TRAINERS at the Los Angeles alligator farm have originated a new and unique method for exercising their century old saurian charges. A few balloons liberally smeared with fish oil and then floated over the pool do the trick. Catching the scent, the “gators” come a-runnin’ and it’s surprising the way the sleepy old creatures stand up on their hind legs to snap at what looks to them like a very colorful morsel of eats. Exerting themselves in this manner they limber up and get some of the mud out of their veins. In addition, the stunt provides visitors to the zoo with some keen amusement. Photo shows ‘gators lunging at balloons.

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