OK Skinnay! Lookut Our Rolley Coaster (Oct, 1921)

Oh Skinnay! (The Days of Real Sport)” was a 1913 graphic novel about a child’s antics. Current uses of the word “Skinnay” are distinctly less savory.

OK Skinnay! Lookut Our Rolley Coaster

IT’S a far cry from the Bronx to Coney Island. Besides, Coney Island costs money. The children in the neighborhood of Crotona Park, New York City, therefore, have made a scenic railway all their own. It is better, they think, than all the Coney Island rides put together, and they have had the fun of making it as well as riding on it.

Three enterprising youngsters conceived the idea of constructing a roller coaster and organized an eleemosynary corporation among their playmates. Certain of them were assigned the duty of finding nails; others, tools ; others, wood. When the materials were assembled, the children set to work under the direction of the officers of the company to build the railway. Before they were done, it was two hundred feet long, downhill, with a respectable hump midway to give the required thrill. Gravity propels a fiat-bottom car that runs on skate rollers.

Success has swerved the young enthusiasts from their altruistic purpose.

They now propose to add two more homemade cars to make a train and then to charge one cent a ride for barbarian children from neighboring streets. Their parents “hitch” a ride themselves when there aren’t too many people looking.

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  1. Toronto says: July 30, 20127:56 pm

    Never built a railroad, but built tree houses (or helped built them) as high as 30 rungs high (figure 20-24 feet) and as large as 8×8′ (8 sheets of plywood with walls and roof! Oak tree! View of the hills of Marin you’d pay $1M for these days!) Had a (small) hammer dropped on my head from one once – fortunately a very low early attempt.)

    Never trust a fellow 10 year old to put the hinges on a trap door, by the way.

    I think Dennis the Menace and Nipper had very negative influences on my early life. But it sure was fun!

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