Ol’ Judge Robbins in the “Horseless Carriage” Days (Jul, 1936)

We learn a few important things from this ad:

  • Ol’ Judge Robbins has a daughter he calls Chubbins, which seems like a cruel name if she’s at all conscious about her weight.
  • Chubbins appears to be an elf. Keebler perhaps? Maybe the magic ingredient is tobacco…
  • O’l Judge Robbins is very bitter towards anything that is a “mix-up” since a mix-up once caused him to blow up his car, lose his girl and his chance of a fortune. He cringes when someone tries to serve him peas and carrots mixed up on one dish. Ben and Jerry’s ice cream causes him to have fits of apoplexy.
  • The only person Ol’ Judge Robbins trusts to mix anything is Prince Albert.

Perhaps in the next issue we’ll learn how Prince Albert and Ol’ Judge Robbins met and bonded. Plus how Prince Albert extended his “crimp cut” technique to other areas.

O’ Judge Robbins in the “Horseless Carriage” Days

Introduce yourself to Prince Albert at our risk. As a tobacco fancier, notice how P. A.’s “crimp cut” makes for a cooler smoke. Enjoy steady pipe-smoking that doesn’t bite the tongue. See how evenly Prince Albert cakes in yourpipe. How mellow, fragrant, and comforting it is! Below is our man-to-man offer. P. A.’s grand “makin’s” too.

50 pipefuls of fragrant tobacco in every 2-oz. tin of Prince Albert


“You must be pleased”

Smoke 20 fragrant pipefuls of Prince Albert. If you don’t find it the mellowest, tastiest pipe tobacco you ever smoked, return the pocket tin with the rest of the tobacco in it to us at any time within a month from this date, and we will refund full purchase price, plus postage. (Signed) R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Co., Winston-Salem, N. C.

Prince albert


  1. jayessell says: August 4, 20064:35 pm

    Do you have Prince Albert in a can?

  2. KHarn says: March 9, 20081:07 pm

    I wonder about “Chubbins” laughing over how the judge’s girlfriend got her body parts scattered all over the street. Teenagers must have been a cruel, heartless lot back then.

  3. Tim says: March 25, 20093:26 am

    Let’s say the “car incident” was in 1900. Robbins looks like he was about 19 then. So … 36 years later, he’s an old man? By my reckoning, he would be 55 in 1936. Not exactly young, but not completely white-haired yet. Maybe time went by faster back then.

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