Old Railway Thrills Tourists (Dec, 1937)

Old Railway Thrills Tourists

TOURISTS visiting Cincinnati, Ohio, are thrilled by a ride on the local Mt. Adams Plane Railway, which was erected in 1877 to carry street cars up a 980-foot incline. Only the demand of sight-seers has saved the novel railway from being abandoned in the march of progress, over two million persons using the railway annually.

The lifts of the old railway are drawn by four cables and operate in balance, one ascending while the other descends. Street cars using the lifts are kept on an even keel while traveling the 28.9% grade.

  1. Rob says: May 6, 20086:29 am

    Ah, if only we still had it today. Now that’s just an overgrown hillside. There were several others as well until the mid ’50’s. Ow they want to bring back street cars and use them to connect the University of Cincinnati to the slums of Over The Rhine. Progress?

  2. cATFLAP says: May 6, 200812:08 pm

    Theres several going in the UK still, A great one is here. –> http://www.cliffrailway…

  3. HP says: May 6, 20087:03 pm

    Rob, I haven’t been up to Mt. Adams in a couple of years, but last I went, you can still see the scars from the old funicular. And I’m sure the old concrete pylons are still in place. You can see the from Mount Washington Way if you look up.

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