THIS relic of bygone days in Chicago was recently unearthed when workmen digging the excavation for a power plant came across a length of wood pipe. Made of logs drilled through the center and reinforced by iron bands, the bore was lined with copper sheeting rolled into a tube. John Walsh is shown above with some of the lengths and a piece of the copper tubing. The wooden pipe is no longer used, but the idea of non-corrosive copper for long life water pipe is present day practice.

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  1. Brian Van Gundy says: February 14, 20117:07 pm

    Is there any value in owning some of this pipe? I have some of this pipe only mine has no copper lining. Mine had a black tary paper and a metal band wrapped around the out side. It interlocks together. When I unearthed this, clear water ran out for a quite a while. I have several undisturbed ft on my land. I gave one section to the local musiem. From reading my abstract there never was an easement for this water line. The city water treatment plant is across the next property. but before this pipe was decomisioned the treatment plant was on the north side of the road, it’s on the south side now and has been since 1953 time frame. I spoke with an old lumber yard owner he said this pipe probable went to the old water tower at the edge of town. What can or who would be intrested in this pipe?

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