On April 9, Houston plays the world’s first air conditioned baseball game (Apr, 1965)

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On April 9, Houston plays the world’s first air conditioned baseball game

How do you cool a ballpark and 46,000 red-hot fans? Houston does it by putting a clear-span dome on their new Harris County Stadium and applying the efficient energies of modern cooling systems. Friday, April 9, the Houston Astros inaugurate the new indoor field with an historic exhibition game against the New York Yankees.

Gas Energy supplies 4,200 tons of the total 6,600 ton cooling system.

Outside, temperature and humidity can race each other for the 100 mark. Inside, when the stadium is packed, Gas cooling will help provide a crisp, 72 atmosphere. Why was Gas Energy chosen for a large share of this important job? For the same reasons Gas provides 80% of the cooling at the New York World’s Fair: flexibility, economy, reliability.

Whenever you have a big cooling (or heating) job, think of Gas first. Call your local Gas Company Sales Engineer.


Gas cooling scores again

  1. Michael C says: November 22, 20113:59 pm

    After all these years it sets empty, and it has been a long long argument over what to do with it.

  2. Sean says: November 23, 20114:39 am

    A slight precursor to this, and the first retractable sports venue roof, will soon no longer be with us. Pittsburgh’s Civic Arena is currently undergoing demolition.

  3. Christian Berger says: November 25, 20111:56 pm

    WTF? Why cool down such a gigantic place, wouldn’t it be simpler to just build a roof over it so the sun won’t shine on it?

  4. hwertz says: November 25, 20112:33 pm

    It gets up above 100 degrees down there. Putting the building “in the shade” wouldn’t help. Also, then you’d have loads of artificial lighting too.

  5. Mcubstead says: November 26, 20115:59 am

    Well, it dose have a roof, it was the first building of such size (dedicated for sports) to be fully covered, which is why it was famous for a while.

    Also the body heat of 50,000 fans acts like the light bulb in a Childs easy bake oven, so a giant shade would have been of no help.

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