On-the-spot copying… (Oct, 1961)

On-the-spot copying…

A welcome convenience for you and your secretary… yours for as little as $99.50 with a Kodak Verifax Copier.

Put a Kodak Verifax Copier near your secretary’s desk and you won’t lose her for 10 minutes every time you need copies. Also, you’ll save 35c (or more) in secretarial “travel time” every time she makes copies for you. Which, in itself, soon pays for your Verifax Copier. And what a convenience!

Call your Verifax Dealer today for free demonstration in your office, and handy Copy-Cost Computer Set that shows your savings with Verifax Copying! (See Yellow Pages under duplicating or photocopying machines.) Or write to Eastman Kodak Company, Business Photo Methods Division, Rochester 4, N.Y.


  1. Stephen says: January 1, 20133:39 am

    Would this have been a photographic (photostat) machine? The “Kodak” name suggests photography. They were of course made obsolete by Xerox’s xerographic copiers.

  2. DocScience says: January 1, 201311:23 am

    I believe this was a thermographic copier, not a photostatic process. The original was exposed to IR, printed words got hot and created a darkening chemical reaction on specially coated thermal paper (you still see this on some cash registers).

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