Once a week do this…. (Apr, 1930)

Wow, Martin Short is older than I thought.

Once a week do this….

Invigorates scalp . . . CHECKS DANDRUFF WHENEVER you wash your hair—and most people do it once a week—douse full strength Listerine on the scalp either before or after the rinse. Then mas-sage the scalp and hair vigorously for several minutes. You will be simply delighted by the wonderful feeling of cleanness and scalp exhilaration that follows this treatment.

Moreover, it is unquestionably one of the best treatments for dandruff—to prevent it, and to overcome it once it has started.

Many hundreds of people have told us that since making Listerine a part of the weekly shampoo, their scalp has felt better, their hair has looked more attractive, and is entirely free from loose dandruff.

Of course, if dandruff does get a start, it will be necessary to repeat the Listerine treatment systematically for several days, using a little olive oil in conjunction with it if the scalp or hair is excessively dry.

Listerine checks dandruff because it attacks infection that causes it, removes and dissolves the particles of loose dandruff and heals and soothes the scalp.

Lambert Pharmacal Company, St. Louis, Mo., U. S. A.

LISTERINE kills 200,000,000 germs in 15 seconds

  1. Githyanki says: October 18, 200810:07 am

    Most people only wash their hair once a week ?

  2. JMyint says: October 18, 200810:32 am

    In 1930 many people still only bathed once a week. Into the 1950’s most people still only washed their hair once a week.

  3. steve says: October 18, 20081:56 pm

    It does work. try it.

  4. Mike says: October 18, 20089:25 pm

    I did it and now my hair smells minty!

  5. Michael Patrick says: October 20, 200810:27 am

    I didn’t have any Listerine, so I used Crest toothpaste instead……

  6. Eli says: October 20, 200811:23 am

    I grip my head and twist my face into a similar rictus of terror once per *morning*. But then, I work in tech support; nothing to do with dandruff.

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