One-Man Bulldozer Builds Mountain Roads (Jun, 1934)

Not much room for error there…

One-Man Bulldozer Builds Mountain Roads
Roads are being dug and gouged out of the sides of mountains by a one-man machine consisting of an adjustable and angle-blade bulldozer operated by a tractor. Such an outfit can build a road ten to twelve feet wide by digging off the upside of the mountain and filling in the lower side. The bulldozer can handle bowlders, undermine small trees and move seemingly impossible masses of material.

  1. K!P says: July 18, 20088:25 am

    Whow. what if it starts to slide!

  2. jayessell says: July 18, 20088:37 am

    They hose it off and sell it to someone else!

  3. sweavo says: July 18, 20089:14 am

    nice safety headgear

  4. runcible says: July 18, 200811:02 am

    Is a bowlder just a concave version of a boulder?

  5. Toronto says: July 18, 200811:16 am

    I though it was “removing or modifying passages considered vulgar or objectionable”, but that’s to bowdler.

    But a bulldozer WOULD be good at that, I expect.

  6. Rick Auricchio says: July 19, 200810:08 am

    In those days publishers relied on human proofreaders.

    Today it’s automated spell-checkers, which often get things wrong. This assumes the writer and editor bother to run a spell check; in my local newspaper they often seem to think they can spell without assistance, and I spot avoidable typos. I wish “Didn’t run spell check” would cost the writer $100 per occurrence; they’d get the hint.

  7. Morgan says: September 4, 200810:04 pm

    This invention side steps the real issue. Why do we continue to tolerate mountains? Instead of making bulldozers that can be operated by one man we need larger devices that can level the mountains and fill in the lakes and seas. Once mountains have been abolished we can use the land for productive purposes.

  8. Mr. Important says: January 17, 20094:48 pm

    Typos shouldn’t be a concern as much as failing to say where the bloody hell this road is.

  9. Mike says: February 4, 20102:46 am

    what Mr. Important said

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