One Man’s Castle (Apr, 1957)

One Man’s Castle

SIMON BINDER’S home is literally his castle. The 60-year-old wood-carver spent 11 painstaking years and countless thousands of hours remodeling the main floor of his two-and-a-half story Vancouver, B. C, home in 17th century baroque style. Every stick of furniture was fashioned by Binder, as were the ornate ceiling frescoes, simulated marble drapes, graceful wooden arches and the fireplace of raised flowery designs in this unique house.

  1. katey says: April 30, 200911:25 pm

    Simulated marble drapes? How amazingly useless!

    Love the chic flapper chick in the picture frame, though.

  2. Al Bear says: May 1, 20095:49 pm


  3. slim says: May 4, 200912:07 am

    Tacky is in the eye of the beholder. I don’t like his taste, but he was a heck of a woodworker. And I bet he had a lot of fun doing it.

  4. Tobias says: May 8, 20097:51 am

    Does this house still exist or the furniture?

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