One minute is all it takes (Mar, 1956)

One minute is all it takes

… to make 5 photo-exact copies of any record for 2-1/2c each.
Letters, news clippings, pencil or ink records . . . even carbon and spirit duplicator copies can be reproduced by anyone in your office. No change in your present room lighting!

… to make a translucent “whiteprint master” for 100. No time lost, now, when you wish to produce quantities of blueprints or whiteprints from opaque or two-sided material.

… to make an offset plate for less than 20Now you can “go to press” in record time and at a new low cost. No time out or shutdown when you shift from document copying to platemaking, or vice versa.

Now … more versatile than ever Thanks to Kodak research and development, the Verifax Copier now makes photo-exact copies at a new low cost… does jobs which never before were within the scope of office-copy equipment.

Large office or small, you’ll find a hundred and one uses for this completely different 3-in-1 copier. Chances are your savings the very first month—on retyping and proofreading alone— will exceed its low cost.

Valuable tips for boss, secretary and office staff—based on actual case histories—are listed in new free booklet. For example—
• How to answer letters without dictation and typing • How to eliminate “I quote” memos • How to keep hot sales leads from turning cold • How to stop running out of copies • How to end slow one-copy routing • How to conduct better meetings

Kodak Verifax Copier
… only $240
Legal Size, $395
Offset Adapter, $60

EASTMAN KODAK COMPANY, Business Photo Methods Division Rochester 4, N. Y.

Gentlemen: Please send me a free copy of “New Time-Saver— New Idea for Every Office” and names of near-by Verifax dealers.

  1. Charlene says: July 11, 20117:26 am

    Why would an executive want a booklet describing how to cut down on memo-writing? In my experience, take away the memos and they wouldn’t have anything else to do!

  2. rick s. says: July 11, 20111:44 pm

    Good one Charlene!


  3. Hirudinea says: July 11, 20114:33 pm

    The executives would be needed to yell at underlings and kiss the asses of the high and mighty.

  4. jerry says: October 10, 20113:01 pm

    i have a 1956 verifax copier anyone know what it is worth

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