ONLY A FEW LEFT! U. S. Navy Inter-Communicating Transmitter and Receiver (Jan, 1934)

Modern headsets are just such garbage. When was the last time you saw one that came with a breast plate? And that’s SEVEN POUNDS of quality there. Today you’d be lucky if a headset weighed 7 oz.


U. S. Navy Inter-Communicating Transmitter and Receiver


This combination microphone and headset, built under rigid U.S. government supervision, and designed as a regular intercommunicating telephone system, may be slightly modified to match into a radio transmitter and receiver.

The outfit consists of a low-impedance carbon transmitter, securely fastened to a metal breastplate and a set of heavy-duty, low-impedance earphones provided with soft rubber cushions. A specially constructed switch on the back of the breastplate controls the microphone circuit. Twenty-eight feet of heavy conductor cable, terminating in a special brass plug, is furnished complete with this outfit.

The U.S. Government probably paid more than $30.00 for each of these outfits. Yet, a fortunate purchase permits us to sell them to you at $1.98 COMPLETE, as shown in the illustration above. There is no question but what considerable use can be found for these delicate, yet sturdily constructed instruments. Ship. wt. of entire outfit, 7 lbs.

No. B7216 U.S. Navy Telephone Transmitter and Receiver. YOUR PRICE $1.98



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  1. Toronto says: October 4, 201212:25 pm

    I’d need to add a 7gm adaptor to plug it into my Blackberry.

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