Operating Room Goes to Battle in Tank-Towed Armored Trailer (Oct, 1941)

Operating Room Goes to Battle in Tank-Towed Armored Trailer

TOWED into battle by a war tank, an armored operating room for front-line casualties has been designed by C. J. Birtcher, a Los Angeles, Calif., manufacturer of surgical instruments. Emplacements cut in a hillside by bulldozers would hide such trailers from enemy view. Each one measures 35 feet long, is gasproof, contains complete surgical equipment, and has steel walls capable of withstanding machine-gun bullets and shell fragments. Within, a two-man surgical team could handle as many as 30 cases an hour, safe against anything but a direct hit by bomb or shell. Similarly armored vehicles, of 16-man capacity, would bring in the casualties. As each arrives, he is placed on an “incoming” bed, anesthetized, and transferred to a hydraulic operating table. Following surgery, he is transferred to an “outgoing” bed to await transportation to a hospital in the rear by armored ambulances.

  1. Hirudinea says: July 27, 20119:14 am

    MASH in a can?

  2. M.S.W. says: July 27, 201112:23 pm

    The “Defiant” from “Star Trek: DS9” looks similar to this.

  3. Sean says: July 28, 20114:46 am

    Notably lacking for a hermetically sealed tin can: Air Conditioning

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