Operation Muskox (Jun, 1946)

“Operation Muskox,” the Canadian project to trek by machine across 3,100 miles of Canada’s barren north and ice-clad arctic wastes, is shown on this page during its last days at Churchill, in Manitoba, before the expedition, expected to last over three months, took off on its icy way.

Accompanied by seven American observers, the expedition will utilize specially built snowmobiles to crunch across the frozen wastes and will be supplied by a fleet of RCAF planes. The purpose of the trip is to test clothing and other cold weather equipment, as well as to enable cartographers, geographers and scientists on the expedition to formulate a clearer knowledge of Canada’s trackless northern wilderness.

The snowmobiles are capable of doing 30 mph.

  1. Hirudinea says: May 7, 20125:26 pm

    And don’t forget about that Tim Horton’s they built. 🙂

  2. Toronto says: May 7, 20128:22 pm

    That’s me – 2-3 layers at 0c and another layer for every 10c lower. One less off-road.

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