Orange-Crate Scooter Has Ball-Bearing Wheels (Jul, 1939)

Orange-Crate Scooter Has Ball-Bearing Wheels

OLD ball bearings from the rear axle of an automobile serve as the wheels of this speedy scooter. It is made from an orange crate and a piece of board 4″ by 24″. A slot is sawed in one end of the orange crate and another near the end of the board to receive the ball-bearing wheels. The axles are cut from hardwood and forced into the inner ball race; and one side is flattened to fit against the boards, to which they are fastened with 1/4″ bolts. The board should be pivoted to the orange crate with a 3/8″ bolt. The wood is faced at this point with two pieces of sheet iron to form a bearing.

  1. Kryten007 says: October 21, 20061:15 pm

    They forgot the soup-can fake headlight!

  2. NikFromNYC says: January 12, 20086:52 pm

    Newswire 2007 NYC: over burdonsome mothers and their henpecked husbands force their kids to ride miniature “Big Wheels” with long broomstick handles attached to their back, or with wild abandon let them use those TWO INCH OFF THE PAVEMENT push scooters (Razor brand) which now cost about $20 instead of the $120 they originally were, but they ALL fork over $65 for a HELMET!!! I think women in high heal shoes need a helmet more than a kid on a two inch high scooter! Did you also know that bicycle riders who wear helmets die more often than those who do not. For two reasons. First, the usual $125 carbon fiber streamlined helmet does not extend down far enough in the back to protect the skull. And second, according to the Law of Unintended consequences is the “SUV Effect” in that since they feel safer they ride with less paranoia about being turned into a pancake by a bus. In NYC, it’s not the taxis you must worry about. It’s the insane bus drivers who often signal the wrong way, and then utterly ignore one’s right of way as a pedestrian. The taxi drivers? They are pros at avoiding wage-killing accidents, even though half don’t use deodorant for “religious” reasons, though I suspect passive-aggression to play a large factor as well.

  3. Tim Tracy says: July 18, 20083:39 am

    You can tell he’s itching to do some handplants with that

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