Oregon Woman Has 2457 Spoons (Jan, 1931)

Oregon Woman Has 2457 Spoons
WHAT is believed to be the largest collection of spoons in the world is owned by Doctor Ella Kyes Dearborn, of Portland, Oregon. The collection contains 2457 spoons which completely cover the entire area of a large six-leaf cabinet, no two spoons being alike. Among the tiniest spoons in the collection are 120 made by a Chinese man that are the veriest fraction of an inch long and were made under a microscope. Her largest spoon is made of aluminum and is 23 inches long with a bowl capacity of one and one-half cups. Doctor Dearborn values her collection at over ten thousand dollars.

  1. Mike says: September 12, 20086:42 am

    Did she name each of them? Because if she did, that would be weird.

  2. Latente says: September 12, 20086:52 am

    my spoon is too big.

  3. Al Bear says: September 12, 20087:21 am

    But sadly, only one mouth.

  4. Torgo says: September 12, 20087:18 pm

    Spoons = 2457
    Life = 0

    I’m just being mean, but I had to write it.

  5. Erica says: September 12, 20087:51 pm

    Oregon Woman Has Spoon Collecting Compulsion! Some of those are neat (the microscopic spoons, the massive 2-foot-long spoon), but the vast majority look extremely dull.

  6. Thundercat says: September 12, 20089:09 pm

    Seems like the same type of lady that would have 30 or 40 cats in her house.

  7. Kruk says: September 12, 20089:53 pm

    There is no spoon.

  8. Toronto says: September 12, 200810:04 pm

    Ooo. that cuts me like a knife.

  9. Les Borean says: September 18, 200812:34 am

    Well? So? What’s the big deal? I just happen to have 2458 spoons in my collection.

  10. Davo says: October 2, 20111:36 am

    So she values her collection at over $10,000; this is roughly $4 per spoon, equivalent to $50+ per spoon in 2011 dollars!

    From the photo, it would appear that the overwhelming majority of the collection consists of ordinary spoons which have little or no value beyond scrap metal. Unless she has a substantial number of solid gold spoons, I think she is being a little optimistic in her valuation.

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