Origin of The Pocket Protector (Dec, 1950)

Millions of nerds curse the name of T.C. Evans for years of unwitting social stigmatization.

Plastic Liner Protects Shirt Pocket From Damage by Pencils
If you carry sev-eral sharpened pencils in a shirt pocket, this easily made plastic liner can be used to protect the shirt from being soiled or damaged by the pencils. Just cut a strip of sheet plastic to fit snugly in the pocket, heat the plastic and bend it double, leaving a space the thickness of a pencil between the plastic folds. Then bend down one end of the plastic to slip over the edge of the pocket.
T. C. Evans, Baltimore, Md.

  1. Poindexter McFruity says: August 24, 20068:21 am

    Gee Mr Evans, these are really neato!
    Wait’ll I show this to Billy and the rest of the gang.

  2. RelentlesslyOptimistic says: August 25, 20065:01 am

    Origin of The Pocket Protector…

    Modern Mechanix blog publishes the content of old Popular Science and Popular Mechanix magazines. Today we learn the origin of the pocket protector and see a petite 1940 design for a respirator….

  3. mr.beaver says: October 5, 200710:58 am

    amazing that this was “pretty cool” in 1950’s

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