Original Hollywood Wolf Whistle (Sep, 1948)

Original Hollywood Wolf Whistle

You, too, can become a Hollywood Wolf. Give the wolf call and make other weird noises with the original HOLLYWOOD WOLF WHISTLE on your car. Precision made. Works off the intake manifold. Easily installed in 15 minutes. Works in trucks, motorcycles, motor boats, outboard motors, too. Guaranteed. If your dealer cannot yet supply you, order direct, giving us your dealer’s name. No cod’s or stamps. No individual foreign orders. Automotive dealers & jobbers write for information on this fast selling, proved item.

2403-21K East 103rd St., Los Angeles 2, California

  1. Larry says: March 13, 200812:44 am

    LOL they still sell these. however now they cost between $50 and $100 bucks

  2. Anne says: April 8, 20089:35 pm

    I’m sure that these are very good at attracting women. Mmhmm.

  3. frank gregory says: October 20, 20107:27 am

    do you have a catalog….do you still sell wolf whistles…thank-you

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