Outboard Makes Current to Keep Swimmers in Trim (Feb, 1932)

Outboard Makes Current to Keep Swimmers in Trim

COACHES have to resort to many devices to whip their teams into shape, but it remained for Hay Daughters, coach of the Washington Athletic Club swimming team in Seattle, Wash., to hook up an outboard motor on the edge of the pool in order to create a current, against which his team swims.

In the photo above is shown the Washington A. C. team fighting its way against the current created by the motor, preparing for Olympic contests.

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  1. Stannous says: October 27, 20067:19 pm

    Anyone who has ever swum behind a motorboat knows that they spew exhaust and drip fuel and oil. This would prep them for swimming in the East River or the Hudson but wouldn’t be very pleasant for the trainees.

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