Outdoor Grill for Barbecues (Apr, 1934)

Outdoor Grill for Barbecues

A VOGUE which it is predicted will shortly be taking housewives by storm is the idea of installing a grill in the back yard where real coal fires can be kindled for the barbecuing of meats and other dishes which require special treatment such as only a coal fire affords.

Marketed by an enterprising firm of specialty manufacturers, this new grill is so mounted on a pedestal that it is waist high, and swivels so that it can be kept facing the wind.

The front of the grill is open, the fire being retained by a series of vertical bars. A shield on the back of the stove cuts off the draft, and the cooking temperature is controlled by revolving the stove in the wind until proper temperatures have been arrived at.

The stove, including the post, is readily portable, and can be taken along on camping trips.

  1. fluffy says: January 17, 200811:38 am

    Wait, if I’m reading this right… charcoal grilling ever WASN’T a common, everyday thing? Back-yard grills were a “vogue” item in the 30s? Huh.

  2. Thundercat says: January 17, 200812:40 pm

    Wow, its a shame this outdoor grilling thing never caught on!

  3. Bubba says: October 26, 20113:56 pm

    Those things burned coal, not charcoal, and the model is making coffee and cooking in a frying pan. I don’t know if meat cooked directly over a coal fire would taste very good.

  4. Toronto says: October 26, 20116:29 pm

    I’ve heard that Henry Ford is largely responsible for the charcoal industry – “Kingsford” bricquets was one of his companies, originally founded to use up the scraps of hardwood left over from making Model Ts.

  5. Darren says: October 26, 20117:50 pm

    There’s a mistake on the first line…. “real coal tires can be kindled” – it should read ” real coal fires can be kindled” as per article.

    I first read this and thought wow, burning old tires for your BBQ, must give the meat an interesting taste.

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