Oven Toaster (Sep, 1955)

Oven Toaster

Old-fashioned, oven-flavored, buttered toast for breakfast takes only two minutes with this new Munsey toaster that also bakes frozen waffles, warms coffee cake, toasts cheese sandwiches and browns rolls. Made of lightweight aluminum with electric coils as its heating element, the toaster comes with a pull-out tray on which you can toast four slices of bread at once. It’s fine for English muffins and chunky Italian bread and you have no problem putting in or taking out such items as you often do with pop-up toasters.

  1. BrianC says: July 19, 20118:51 am

    It wasn’t until they started calling them “toaster overs” that they caught on…

  2. Toronto says: July 19, 201111:25 am

    Best of all – no pop-up ads!

  3. Jari says: July 19, 201112:25 pm

    No timer…. “Really charred toast, anyone?”

  4. Andrew L. Ayers says: July 19, 20111:06 pm

    @Jari: You don’t cook much, do you?

    My wife and I rarely use a timer, generally only if we are going to “be away” from the stove/oven and need a reminder. Most of time we just use our nose. You can “smell” when what you are cooking is pretty much “done”. You can definitely smell when it is “overdone”! Of course, before we pull the food out of the oven or such, we check the temperature with an instance read digital thermometer (especially meats). Now, when dealing with a grill, you check the meat using “feel”, and for BBQ/smoking – that takes slow cooking, patience (especially the patience to -not- peek!), smell, and watching the clock (on a per-pound basis, keeping in mind what kind of cut you’re working with). I’m still but an amateur there, but sometimes I can turn out something worthwhile…

  5. John says: July 19, 20111:11 pm

    Jari: Come on, it’s sitting on the table in front of you.
    Its like cooking anything else under an over broiler. If you walk away then its on you.
    I’ve gotten more burned toast/bread/whatnot from an “automatic” toaster than I would have from this.

  6. Charlene says: July 19, 20111:30 pm

    This is not the worst idea ever.

  7. John says: July 19, 20111:32 pm

    Jari: And of course its charred! What do you think toast is? Its charred bread!

  8. Michael C says: July 19, 20113:49 pm

    Jari & John: Well if we want to be precise, toast is caramelized bread, Blackened is charred bread. Now for myself, you don’t need to be precise and just turn the sugar (lt brown) or spend a lot of time blacking it, I’ll soak it in butter and apricot jam and eat it either way.

  9. Jari says: July 19, 20114:34 pm

    A lot of people: You are reading way, way too much from a single sentence. Timer on a toaster allows me to prepare other parts of my breakfast, I hardly ever got overtoasted bread. As for a real meals, I do my own daily cooking. And I use oven a lot, it’s more of a checking when things start to change color for me, as roasting large-ish chunks of meat is a bit pointless for a one person. As for a BBQ, I too often manage to put thing on the grille too early, while the coals are still too hot… but they usually turn out to be edible.

    Oh. And what Michael C said.

  10. Toronto says: July 20, 20117:01 am

    I’ve never had a toaster with a timer. They’ve all worked with a bimetal strip latching mechanizm.

    And strictly speaking, it’s not caramelization, it’s the Maillard reaction, which is close-but-different.

  11. Charlene says: July 20, 20116:50 pm

    Toast: serious business.

  12. Toronto says: July 20, 20119:00 pm

    “Char”-lene – dang right! You make one small mistake, and you’re toast!

  13. Michael, N5RLR says: July 20, 201110:04 pm

    *Oy, vey* This is making me hungry. 😀

  14. BO BABBYO says: August 7, 201111:25 pm

    Is it just me, or did toast seem more important in the past than it does now?

  15. Michael, N5RLR says: August 8, 20114:50 pm

    Bo: Probably so. Back in the days when a family would actually have the time and the inclination to sit down together for breakfast.

    Nowadays, it’s pop something in the microwave for a few seconds and eat on the run. 🙁

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