Oxygen-Supply Kit For High Fliers (Apr, 1960)

Oxygen-Supply Kit For High Fliers

Quickly installed in most unpressurized airplanes, a new kit will automatically provide correct amounts of oxygen needed for breathing at altitudes up to 30,000 feet. It consists of an oxygen regulator, oxygen console, fittings, brackets and an oxygen cylinder, which is usually placed in the baggage compartment. The console can be installed in cabin walls or on the instrument panel Minus the cylinder, the kit weighs four and one-half pounds. To use, pilots and passengers don lightweight face masks and plug plastic-tubing inserts into the console. Systems with up to 15 outlets are available.

  1. Hirudinea says: October 12, 20122:14 pm

    But do civilian (I assume this is civilian aviation) pilots in unpressurised planes commonly (ever) fly about 30,000 feet?

  2. Toronto says: October 14, 20123:03 pm

    Oxygen is, er, “useful” at 10,000 feet., Hiru.

    And at 63,000 you’d better be pressurized, like Felix Baumgartner was today.

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