1/25,000 of a second of surgery (Jan, 1947)

This is the same camera I posted an article about yesterday (Snap Happy Camera). Apparently a year after it was shown in MI the Army decided to use it in an ad. It looks they used almost the exact same photos. They seem close enough that I’m wondering if the Army ad just painted over the guy’s hand in the originals used in the MI article.

1/25,000 of a second of surgery

Here it is… the clinical recording camera. Developed by the Army Signal Corps for the surgeons of the Medical Department, it can “stop” an intricate operation with a silent, built-in flash lasting 1/25,000 of a second!

“Brain Music” Electrically Made (Feb, 1930)

I don’t think this is “Brain Music” so much as a pair of insane headphones made using people’s hands as drivers and paper as the diaphragm.

“Brain Music” Electrically Made

MUSIC heard clearly inside the brain although no sound waves were entering the stopped-up ears of the hearer, is a new achievement of the science of electro-acoustics demonstrated by Mr. Sergius P. Grace, assistant vice president of the Bell Telephone Laboratories.


When I used to buy Infocom games in the 80’s I always loved how they came with all sorts of “props” in the box. Particularly the Microscopic Space Fleet in Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

Also, how crazy is it to see a video game ad that mentions availability for the PDP-11?


Twelve hours to find the murderer. One false move, and he kills again.

You are about to investigate one of the deadliest plots in the annals of crime. A locked door. A dead man. And 12 hours to solve the murder. That’s where you begin. Ahead of you, a treacherous web of motives and suspicion. And only by bringing your utmost skills of logic and intuition into play can you successfully solve the case.

Every litter bit hurts YOU (Apr, 1967)

Every litter bit hurts YOU

(Louis Nye-The Cleanup Man)

Trash? Litter? Empties? Don’t heave them overboard! Carry a litterbag in your boat. Hold everything for the first trash container on shore or take it home for proper disposal. Remember— our waterways belong to all of us. Litter pollutes the waters, fouls propellers, spoils fishing fun and costs tax dollars! Every litter bit hurts… YOU. America’s beauty is your duty.


Faster Service (Jan, 1946)

I just like the word “Shellubrication”

Faster Service is the idea behind this new streamlined service station, designed by Shell after surveying dealers and the public. The pump is scaled down to 54″ high, about two feet lower than the usual pump, so as not to obstruct customers’ view of display room. Sales recording device is at driver’s eye level. Hose is 18 feet long. Service room is designed for complete lubrication job by operator without his taking more than 6 steps from the car.

Tube and Tears (Apr, 1946)

Alrighty then.

Tube and Tears combine to produce this picture of progress and sorrow. The tube is the world’s most powerful radio tube, designed primarily for broadcasts directed toward specific points, so-called “beam transmissions.” Tears are supplied by 3-year-old Barry Greenwood, whose father is shop steward at the Federal Telephone and Radio plant, Clifton, N. J., where the tube was manufactured.

Snap Happy Camera (Jan, 1946)

Snap Happy Camera

Something new in flash cameras—takes 35-mm. photos at 1-25,000 see.

IMAGINE a camera so fast, so accurate, so automatic in operation that with it any novice can take pictures of spot news events and fast action that are as good as those of any professional!

Jet Sub Fires Underwater Rockets (Aug, 1949)

I don’t know of any chemically propelled submarines that have ever been deployed, but the Nautilus, the first nuclear submarine, was completed about five years after this was published. The author is correct that Ballistic Missile Submarines did become a huge part of our strategic deterrent during the cold war.

Jet Sub Fires Underwater Rockets

Submarines can win a war, top military men say! So here’s the dope on our race for undersea supremacy.

By Frank Tinsley

THE lowly pig-boat of yesterday has become the capital ship of tomorrow! An American jet submarine, firing underwater rockets, might tilt the balance between victory and defeat in the event of a third world war.

Why be an ABECEDARIAN* (Apr, 1946)


*Webster says it’s a tyro, a beginner, a novice, i.e., one who hasn’t read Hodgman’s 1946 Handy Book of Sportsmen’s Secrets—the latest, biggest issue, sparkling with 168 pages of authentic, little known outdoor tricks— bulging with facts, crowded With dope on how to cram your creel and garnish your game bag.

Phonograph-Aquarium (Oct, 1954)


Favorite tunes and tropical fish can be enjoyed at the same time when you build this novel combination unit.

By Colin J. Creitz

YOU’LL hear many pleasing comments from friends and neighbors when you invite them over to see this unusual looking phonograph-aquarium with its rattan trim, Formica paneled doors, and cabinet covered with lauhala cloth.