COMPUTER SEX? (Oct, 1977)




INFO 2000 ADAPTER and Disk Monitor + PerSci Drives and Intelligent Controller + TDL Software + your S-100 or Digital Group Z-80 Computer = the fastest, most useful microcomputer system for your money.

Wired Radio (Sep, 1936)

This kind of thing is much cooler when Les Paul lives in your building.

Wired Radio

Musical programs now transmitted over telephone lines.

FOR many years the possibility of using electric light or telephone lines for transmitting “radio” programs has been considered. In the rather old “wired wireless” effect, the voice and music were to be impressed upon the regular house – lighting circuits at radio frequencies, and were then to be changed to audio frequencies.

Chicken Feed Shocked From Earth With “Worm Wands” (Nov, 1932)

Chicken Feed Shocked From Earth With “Worm Wands”

PATROLMAN Walter O. Lickert, of Omaha, Nebraska, whose flock of chickens numbers 13,000, is materially lowering the cost of his feed bill by the development of what he calls his “electrical worm extractor,” or “worm wands.”

Inhale to your heart’s content! (Jun, 1949)

Now… a milder, cooler smoke you can –

Inhale to your heart’s content!

Welcome news! A really mild, flavorful smoke that enters your mouth pleasantly cool and filtered. Embassy’s extra length of fine, mellow tobaccos provides extra enjoyment plus an extra margin of protection. With Embassy, you can inhale to your heart’s content!




Cannibal Figure Forms an Amusing Desk Novelty (Oct, 1939)

There. I fixed it.

Cannibal Figure Forms an Amusing Desk Novelty

Rubber bands and paper clips never had a more novel holder than this cannibal figure, who stands guard so patiently over an ink bottle, spear in hand. His spear is, in reality, a penholder, and there is a little tray in front of him for holding thumb tacks or pins.

Rainbows and Sun’s Green Flash (Oct, 1934)

Cool video from the ever awesome Sixty Symbols that shows the green flash.

Rainbows and Sun’s Green Flash

By Gaylord Johnson

FEW people realize that the famous green flash as well as the marvelous color effect called the rainbow, is explained by a principle which can be demonstrated indoors with the simplest of laboratory materials. In fact, not many persons have seen the green flash at all, either at sunset or sunrise, although it occurs frequently at sea or on land when the sun rises or sets in a clear sky on a level distant horizon.

TOUGH but oh so gentle (Feb, 1941)

TOUGH but oh so gentle

TOUGH on Oil-Pumping • GENTLE on Cylinder Walls

Of course you can continue driving an oil-pumping car. But the longer you go, the greater chances you take — because excessive oil consumption forecasts rapid cylinder wear.

Wire Recorder Saves Time by Handling Data on Photographs (Dec, 1950)

Wire Recorder Saves Time by Handling Data on Photographs

Photographers who do considerable work in the field can save time by using a wire recorder to keep track of pertinent information. Details and remarks can be recorded in a moment and then edited later when time is available. The recorder is set up in the front seat of the car, and the necessary 110-volt a.c. is supplied by a war-surplus converter carried in the trunk.

Robert H. Horn, Yakima, Wash.

Blackboards in Parking Garage (Dec, 1936)

Blackboards in Parking Garage

Speed Up Service To assure that the motorist’s wishes as to service would be carried out correctly by the attendants, the owner of one parking garage made up a number of small blackboards which could be hung on the bumpers.

Limits of Space May Be Solved by Two-Hundred Inch Eye (Dec, 1936)

Currently the most distant galaxy we’ve imaged is 13.4 billion light years away. Well, that’s not quite accurate. It’s actually about 33 billion light years away due to the expansion of the universe. The light has been travelling for 13.4 billion years. I wonder what they were expecting to see if they discovered the “limit” to space?

Limits of Space May Be Solved by Two-Hundred Inch Eye
Whether the universe is finite or endless may be solved when the 200-inch telescope of the California Institute of Technology is trained on the heavens.