Portable Talking Picture Exhibition Device Perfected (Feb, 1930)

Portable Talking Picture Exhibition Device Perfected
THESE pictures show the new portable talking picture exhibition equipment, a device observers expect to revolutionize educational methods, in that lectures of the world’s greatest scientists, teachers and preachers can now be exhibited in talking movie form in any size school, church, hospital or home and can be set up in any small hall in less than 15 minutes.




THE German ship R. C. Rickmers which recently discharged a cargo of 40,000 barrels of cement at San Pedro, California, is the largest sailing vessel in the world. Some of her principal dimensions are: Length of deck, 441 feet; beam, 53 feet; draft, loaded, 27 feet; displacement, to load water line, 11,360 tons; sail area, 50,000 square feet.

One-Man Antitank Missile (Jul, 1962)

One-Man Antitank Missile

Compact enough for the ordinary infantryman to carry into battle on his back, an antitank-missile system is simple enough for a nonspecialist to operate and powerful enough to destroy any tank.

The 44-pound missile assembly (bottom) is easy to set up and ready to fire at all times. The operator (top), using a six-pound sight controller, can change the missile’s direction with a thumb-tip control.

Give a Storybook Mother Goose Party (Oct, 1955)

Give a Storybook Mother Goose Party

Four gala parties, planned down to the last festive detail and guaranteed to show the children the time of their young lives.

THE INSTITUTE • Willie Mae Rogers, director

FOODS AND COOKERY • Dorothy B. Marsh, director

Carol Brock, hostess editor Erva Jean Vosburgh, Ellen H. Connelly, associate editors Mary Eckley, Virginia V. Voboril, assistant editors

$200.00 In Six Months From 20 Hens (Feb, 1909)

$200.00 In Six Months From 20 Hens

TO the average poultryman that would seem impossible, and when we tell you that we have actually done a 1500.00 Poultry business with 20 hens on a corner in the city garden 30 feet wide by 40 feet long we are simply stating facts.

How the Navy Trains Dirigible Pilots (Mar, 1932)

How the Navy Trains Dirigible Pilots

by John L. Coontz

Uncle Sam is the only nation to systematically train pilots for giant military dirigibles like Los Angeles and Akron.

“WHAT on earth are those men doing?” exclaimed a visitor to the Lakehurst, N. J. naval air station, as he watched several groups of men manipulating as many balloons in an open field.

Invisible Rays in Blackout Plant Make Dials Glow (Aug, 1941)

It’s odd how dispassionate this article is considering it’s about Germany and WWII is in full swing although it’s four months before the U.S. enters. Once we joined the war you’d expect to read about how the evil Huns are painting their death gauges using glow-in-the-dark unicorn tears that are only produced by eating French babies.

Invisible Rays in Blackout Plant Make Dials Glow

GHOST LIGHTS shine in German power plants during air raids, but there is no stray gleam from the plant windows. To accomplish this, vital gauges, levers, switches, control wheels, stairs, ladders, and walkways within the plants are painted with chemicals which glow only when illuminated with the invisible rays from special lamps.

IT WON’T BE LONG NOW! (Feb, 1951)


Rocket-powered spaceships will make overnight trips to the moon by 1975

IF YOU’D like to be the first human being to take a rocket-powered spaceship trip to the moon you have to get on line.

Hobby Parade (Dec, 1950)

Hobby Parade

Profitable Hobbies will pay $2 for each article accepted for Hobby Parade. Send material to Hobby Parade Editor, Profitable Hobbies, 24th and Burlington, Kansas City 16, Missouri. No contributions to this department can be returned.

Bet You Don’t Know This About Advertising (Nov, 1950)

Bet You Don’t Know This About Advertising

By Susan

Quiz No. 1
What does it cost to advertise a pack of a leading brand of cigarettes? Is it 2c a pack? 3c? 5c?

Answer: It costs less than 1/2c a pack to advertise the big brands of cigarettes. That’s only half the story. Advertising lowers your cost two ways:
Cuts the selling costs. And by helping make mass production possible, lowers the production costs, too.

So advertising saves you many times that 1/2c per pack.