Accounting Offices Drive Right Up to Your Door (Jul, 1940)

Accounting Offices Drive Right Up to Your Door

Bookkeeping on wheels is the odd and profitable business that makes a good living for C. M. Harris, of Los Angeles, Calif. Harris owns a fleet of light trucks, each manned by an expert accountant and outfitted as a rolling office with a typewriter, calculator, bookkeeping machine, and other necessary office equipment.

Desk-top terminal (Jun, 1979)

Desk-top terminal

This 12x9x2-1/2-inch display takes the place of a full-size computer CRT terminal. It displays 12 lines of 40 characters and is touch sensitive—you give commands by just touching spots on the screen. Price: $3500. General Digital, 700 Burnside Ave., E. Hartford, Conn. 06108.



WITH STRANGE-LOOKING instruments that catch radio waves from the stars, Australian scientists are probing the mysteries of the universe. So far they have identified 100 “radio stars”—highly localized sources of cosmic static.

‘Dust Bowl’ Truck Has Air-Conditioned Cab (Dec, 1936)

‘Dust Bowl’ Truck Has Air-Conditioned Cab

Not only the drivers but the Diesel engine itself breathes conditioned air in a truck built for travel through the “dust bowl” of Kansas and Colorado. Since comfort for the drivers during stifling dust storms was essential, a mechanical air conditioner was installed in the cab.

4000 VOLTS at the End of a 10-oz. 29″ Cane (Feb, 1965)

It’s an ad from 1965 for a product that is effective in “riot work” by a company called “Country Club Products”…

4000 VOLTS at the End of a 10-oz. 29″ Cane

The Police “Shock-Rod” has power to control the most stubborn adversary… is ideal protection from nasty dogs. Also effective in riot work.

Letters Rain Down in Movie Title (Apr, 1940)

Letters Rain Down in Movie Title

Amateur cinematographers who wish to inject a touch of originality into their home movie titles will find the following trick quite interesting. Unlike the familiar stunt of having groups of letters suddenly fly into view and arrange themselves in the form of a title, this effect is that of a quantity of letters raining past the view. At intervals certain ones affix themselves at random to the easel to spell out the title.

How to Know Your Guided Missiles (Mar, 1950)

How to Know Your Guided Missiles

U.S. GUIDED missiles have been given a new designation scheme by the Research and Development Board. With this system the RDB indicated the development of two interesting new types of missile: air-borne projectiles fired from beneath the ocean against ships, and similar ones directed against aerial targets.

Scientists Finally Find Long-Sought “Ghost” Particle Inside Atom (Jul, 1954)

This piece is talking about is the Cowan–Reines neutrino experiment which  garnered a Nobel prize in 1995.

It’s almost right. Neutrinos have zero electric charge, not practically none. They’re called neutrinos because they are electrically neutral. It means little neutral ones. There are actually three different types and although it was not proven until the late 1990’s, neutrinos do have a very, very small mass. Scientist know this because of  a process called neutrino oscillation (rather complex explanation). Unfortunately this process also makes it very hard to determine the masses of individual neutrinos.

There is an excellent episode of Nova called The Ghost Particle about the search for neutrinos. You can view a low-res version online here.

Scientists Finally Find Long-Sought “Ghost” Particle Inside Atom

At last scientists have trapped an atomic “ghost” particle that has eluded them for years. The particle is the neutrino. The chase began 20 years ago when scientists were forced to acknowledge the existence of the particle if their atomic theories were correct. Neutrinos are so small that they have practically no mass or electric charge. No direct evidence of the neutrino was found until the Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory devised a scintillation counter that was thousands of times more sensitive than any other device to reactions caused by neutrinos.

Keeps Air-Raid Map Under His Hat (Apr, 1940)

Keeps Air-Raid Map Under His Hat

Although not quite so good as a steel helmet, the black derby hat owned by an Englishman living on the east coast is a handy headpiece to have along in the event of an enemy air raid. For inside of his bowler, this Britisher has pasted a map on which the location of local air-raid shelters is plainly marked. When an air-raid alarm sounds, he has merely to doff his bombing bonnet and look inside it to find the location of the nearest underground hide-out.

Modern Papoose (Aug, 1945)

Doesn’t it seem like those straps would have a pretty good chance of strangling the baby if it ever slipped?

Modern Papoose
THOUGH transportation problems are improving, it still remains difficult to park Junior whilst marketing or running
other errands. The above idea, swiped from our red brothers, takes care of the problem. Pad a blanket on the board before lacing the baby in place in a second blanket folded under him.