Make sure of this year’s SAVINGS (Feb, 1931)

Make sure of this year’s SAVINGS

START this year gloriously— and economically! Put new pride in your kitchen and more dollars in the bank. Cut living costs and guard family health—-with a thrifty all-steel General Electric Refrigerator. Born of 15 years’ tireless research, the General Electric offers every advantage of electrical refrigeration. Food is kept safe and appetizing in crisp, dry cold constantly below 50°.

Simple Devices You Will Find Useful (May, 1929)

Simple Devices You Will Find Useful


WHEN a new sidewalk is surveyed through growing sections of a city, it is sometimes necessary to cut away a section of the concrete to permit a fine shade tree to project through the sidewalk.

Eating for Death (Mar, 1922)

Eating for Death

By Bernarr Macfadden

THE crime of the age is meal time eating—without appetite.

It is the direct cause of more suffering, weakness and disease than any other evil.

It poisons the life stream at its very source.

“The blood is the life.” The quality of this liquid determines vital activity throughout every part of the body.

I’m Not Dead

Hey everyone, I know it’s been a long time. Sorry I haven’t gotten a chance to post anything new for a while. I started a new job a few months back and I’ve just been insanely busy. I usually post in the mornings before work, but lately I’ve just been going to work early to get a jump on stuff. My current project is starting to wind down a bit so I promise there will be some great new stuff coming in July.

For most of the history of the site I’ve either been underemployed or employed in a job I didn’t really care about so it was easy to focus a lot of time on MM. However I’m really, really enjoying my new job at a company called AppNexus. (I’m a software developer for those of you who didn’t know or guess). We’re actually hiring a ton of people right now so if you live, or want to live in, NYC, Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, London, Paris, Hamburg or Tel Aviv, you should check out our careers page. And if you do apply, mention me because we get pretty decent referral bonuses.

Longer term I’m going start trying to figure out how to make this site more collaborative and less of just a catalog of things I like. I have a huge archive of scanned material that is not on the site and an even bigger trove of stuff I haven’t gotten a chance to scan.

Meanwhile, if you get bored, the sites on the right are all really good. Also, readers of this site will probably love the amazing magazine collection at It’s curated by the always amazing and indefatigable Jason Scott

In Fatima the Difference is Quality (Sep, 1951)

That’s a pretty specific claim. Not the best cigarette, just the best long cigarette.

In Fatima the Difference is Quality

“I smoked FATIMAS when I was a Midshipman. I still do… because they have a better flavor and aroma. FATIMA is easily the best of all long cigarettes.”

VICE ADMIRAL Leland Lovette
U. S. N. (RET.)

FATIMA Best of All Long Cigarettes

Just how simple do word processors have to get before you begin using one? (Mar, 1988)

Just how simple do word processors have to get before you begin using one?

Even simpler than your old typewriter?

No problem. Because we’ve made one that eliminates all the intimidating things you’ve always associated with word processors.


I don’t understand the “AND THAT AIN’T HAYES!”. I mean, I know that Hayes was the dominant modem at the time, but what is the reference to? It sounds like it should be “and that ain’t pocket change” or something…



You can bank on it. Your outlay will be less than if you settle for our major competitor, but not your output! A Password'” modem sends and receives up to 120 words a minute. Provides both 1200 and 300 baud capacity. Offers total interchangeability that lets you transmit information from any make microcomputer to any other make. And your investment is protected by a 2-year warranty.

Rubber-Balloon Globe Puts the World in Your Pocket (Jun, 1942)

Rubber-Balloon Globe Puts the World in Your Pocket

CARRYING the world in your pocket is no task with this balloon globe designed to keep you abreast of world events. The rubber balloon can be inflated by three or four lungfuls to a diameter of eight inches. The neck is then twisted and passed through a slot in the cardboard disk which is used as a base. The globe’s scale is approximately one inch for 800 miles. To put the world back in your pocket, just pull its neck out of the slot in the base and let the air escape.

I’d like to see them make (Feb, 1947)

I’d like to see them make

Cartoons by SYD LAND

Catsup Tamer. Not too much, not too little, with this catsup regulator, says Bill Hopewell, of Cincinnati.

Back-seat Ejector. The automotive device above is the interesting brain child of David E. Mann, Jr., of Needham, Mass.

Writing with your voice (Mar, 1947)

Writing with your voice

Years ago Alexander Graham Bell dreamed of “a machine that should render visible to the eyes of the deaf, the vibrations of the air that affect our ears as sound.” He never realized that dream, but his researches led to the invention of the telephone.