More Pleasure at the Seashore (Oct, 1937)

More Pleasure at the Seashore

SHOWN in the upper right corner is a simple and practical “non-skid” surf board with which you can bank and make turns. Two barrel staves are fastened at approximately a 25 degree angle to two substantial irons, which in turn are fastened to a heavy plank cut as shown in the illustration. The use of this surf board can easily be mastered in fifteen or twenty minutes.

how important are SEX POSITIONS? (Sep, 1965)

how important are SEX POSITIONS?

Common sense about a much-discussed aspect of marital sex.

by Richard Stiller, M.A.

Mr. Stiller is Associate Editor of this publication.

Most of us are convinced that “our” sex ways are the only normal ones and that those of others are degenerate and perverse. People find it hard to believe that individuals can differ in their sexual behavior and still be “right” or “normal.”

Helium Once Worth $5,000 Costs under Two Cents (Dec, 1936)

It looks like Helium will remain cheap, at least for a few more years. (BTW, every single publication I saw felt the need to make a Helium pun in the headline)

Helium Once Worth $5,000 Costs under Two Cents
Twenty years ago it would have cost you $5,000 to buy enough helium gas to inflate a small balloon about two and one-half feet in diameter. Today the same amount of gas can be had for one and one-half cents. The drastic reduction in the price of helium since 1916 is due to the discovery by the U. S. Bureau of Mines of a method of recovering helium from natural gas instead of from the air.

Famous BEATTIE JET LIGHTER (Nov, 1950)



Govt. Surplus Bargain

LET’S BE PALS! – Odd Friendships End Old Feuds (Jul, 1940)

Is it just me, or does that cat look fake? If there is one thing the internet should be good at, it’s determining the authenticity of cat pictures. After all, that is what it’s made of (video).

LET’S BE PALS! – Odd Friendships End Old Feuds

A DOG that adopted twin mice, a cat that mothers a bloodhound, and a parrot that is chummy with a St. Bernard—these are the strange animal relationships pictured on this page

The everything set (Jun, 1979)

The everything set

It’s a carry-along entertainment and information center—AM, FM, CB, public service, aircraft, and weather bands, three-inch TV, cassette tape—along with a built-in mike and sleep switch. Six D cells power it. It’s $249.95, from Sampo, 1050 Arthur Ave., Elk Grove Village, III. 60007.

“When you’re out of Schlitz, you’re out of beer.” (Feb, 1968)

“When you’re out of Schlitz, you’re out of beer.”

“Go to the store. Go directly to the store.

Do not pass go. We are out of Schlitz.”

Try the taste of the most carefully brewed beer in the world. The beer that takes 1,174 careful brewing steps. Schlitz. Real gusto in the great light beer.

The Beer that made Milwaukee Famous

Blowing Distortion Out of Palomar’s Eye (Jun, 1950)

Preventing distortion in modern telescopes is a bit more complicated.

Blowing Distortion Out of Palomar’s Eye

ORDINARY electric fans—a dozen of them—plus an “overcoat” of insulating foil are helping the Big Eye of the Palomar Observatory to see clearer and farther into the vastness of the universe.

Reeling to Safety (Mar, 1947)

Reeling to Safety. Fire threaten? Strap on the belt, climb out the hotel window, and—as Detroit inventor Irving Bassett shows—a steel tape reels out automatically to drop you safely to the ground.

MIdge-Mobile (Jan, 1952)


Rig this roadster to an automatic reel that permits continuous rotary action.

By Wesley Pickard

WATCHING Junior spin around in his own motor-driven speedster is a thrill you won’t want to pass up. Powered by a 1/3-hp motor, the car is perfectly-safe in operation, and may be wired for driving in one of several ways. The simplest, of course, is merely to attach a long cord (about 60 ft.) to the motor, connecting it to the outlet nearest to your lawn.