128 mph in 2nd Gear (Oct, 1952)

That’s not very informative if they don’t tell you how many gears it actually has…

128 mph in 2nd Gear

LOOKING like a large watermelon seed, this super-streamlined auto racer is showing slick form. In the running tests for the Bonneville National Speed Trials it developed 128 mph in second gear. Powered with a souped-up Mercury engine of 250 cu. in., the car is 20 ft. long, 6 ft. wide, and 31 in. high. It weighs 1800 lbs., and the frame is built of thin wall Steel tubing with a 3 point suspension. Owner and co-builder is Harold Post (left), and driver is Doug Hartelt, both from Orange, Cal.

Berlin Maintains Clock Of Lives (Nov, 1936)

This thing must have gotten really annoying during WWII.

Berlin Maintains Clock Of Lives
A CLOCK of Lives operated by the Statistical Office in Berlin, Germany, informs spectators that the German population is constantly increasing. To insure being seen by many people, the clock was placed in Doenhoff-Place, a busy Berlin thoroughfare.

Lecturer Controls All Demonstrations (Sep, 1936)

Lecturer Controls All Demonstrations

WHAT is called the most novel and original control system is now in operation in the Skinner Hall of Music at Vassar College. Conceived by Professor George B. Dickinson, of the Department of Music, this unique system permits the professor to go through the whole routine without moving a step away from his lecture table, but cutting in the big organ, radio or phonograph, stereopticon, piano, etc., by merely pressing a button or closing a switch.

RHEUMATISM (Feb, 1909)

Apparently they have a trademark on magic feet.


I Will Send Every Sufferer Who Returns My Coupon My One Dollar External Cure to TRY FREE


I have found an external cure for Rheumatism that is curing old chronic cases of 30 and 40 years suffering, as well as all the milder stages.

Fishing for Oil (Sep, 1936)

Fishing for Oil

A very valuable oil, for watches and fine machinery, is obtained from the blubber of the “blackfish”—which is really not a fish, but a species of small whale, attaining a length of 30 feet and weighing three tons or more.

THE average person, hearing of a “blackfish,” imagines it to be an ordinary fish, about the size of a herring. But there are many fish called “black-fish” and one of them (sometimes called the “pilot-whale”) is not a fish at all, but a mammal (a species of small whale). A full-grown blackfish averages 30 feet in length and weighs about 3 tons.

ALBERT EINSTEIN: 1879-1955 (Jun, 1955)


Tributes by Niels Bohr and I. I. Rabi

With the death of Albert Einstein, a life in the service of science and humanity which was as rich and fruitful as any in the whole history of our culture has come to an end. Mankind will always be indebted to Einstein for the removal of the obstacles to our outlook which were involved in the primitive notions of absolute space and time. He gave us a world picture with a unity and harmony surpassing the boldest dreams of the past.

Boy Combines Disappearing Hose Reel and Coal Chute (Nov, 1929)

Boy Combines Disappearing Hose Reel and Coal Chute
WHEN Dwight Mills, 10-year-old Dayton, Ohio, boy became weary of lugging the lawn hose down into the basement he suggested to his father that they build a hose reel in the foundation wall.

Cylinders Replace Wings in Plane (Feb, 1934)

Cylinders Replace Wings in Plane
Jets of air, sucked in at the front and expelled at the rear of huge tubes, are the unconventional means advanced by a Glen-dale, Calif., inventor for lifting and propelling an airplane. He has designed and patented a wingless craft, employing this principle, which he maintains will be able to rise and descend vertically and to hover motionless aloft.

MINOX B CAMERA has built-in EXPOSURE METER (Sep, 1958)


You’ll have fun shooting magnificent perfectly exposed pictures (3″ x 4″ and Larger) with this new marvel of West German precision engineering. The Minox B (weighs but 3-1/4 oz., only 3-7/8″ long) eliminates guesswork. It’s quick, sure, simple to use

ECOLOGY a cause becomes a mass movement ()

Well, the timeline was a bit off, but I think there can be little doubt that SSTs are responsible for the autism “epidemic”.

Disregarding the timeline, if you polled people in 1970, I wonder which of these they would have thought would be the biggest issue today.

ECOLOGY: a cause becomes a mass movement

Demonstrators organize to defend vanishing trees, wetlands and unpolluted air.

Unless something is done to reverse environmental deterioration, say many qualified experts, horrors lie in wait. Others disagree, but scientists have solid experimental and theoretical evidence to support each of the following predictions:

In a decade, urban dwellers will have to wear gas masks to survive air pollution.

In the early 1980s air pollution combined with a temperature inversion will kill thousands in some U.S. city.