WHAT TO INVENT (Sep, 1936)


The author will be glad to answer questions relating to these and to other types of inventions. However, no letter will be answered unless a properly stamped and self-addressed envelope is enclosed.

SINCE the new awakening of business, hundreds of “gadgeteers” working in their attics and cellar shops have developed new inventions and have discovered that manufacturers, hungry for new ideas,

Physical and Chemical Tricks! (Sep, 1936)

Physical and Chemical Tricks!

A few stunts the embryo scientist can present to his audience which are sure to mystify, astound or amaze them. All of the chemicals” used are readily available in the home, or in the corner drug store, and are inexpensive.

Guy De Maupasant – KING of All Short Story Writers (Feb, 1909)

Guy De Maupasant – KING of All Short Story Writers

For the first time ever presented American readers the ONLY COMPLETE Edition, absolutely unexpurgated, in English of this great French writer, translated from the Original Manuscripts by linguists of literary distinction. Wonderful Critical Preface by Paul Bourget, of the French Academy.

Latest Auto Luxury—Traveling Boudoir for Campers (Feb, 1932)

Latest Auto Luxury—Traveling Boudoir for Campers

THE height of something or other — luxury in this case—is a portable boudoir for an automobile which was exhibited at an auto show held recently in London. The case contains everything from wash basin to toothbrush holder and is mounted on the stern of a Rolls Royce, as illustrated in the photo at the left. When camping en route, the scheme proves exceedingly convenient.

“Transparent Woman” Shows How Glands Work (May, 1939)

“Transparent Woman” Shows How Glands Work

GIVING spectators an animated view of human glands in action, a “transparent woman” designed by Dr. Frank H. Netter of New York City for exhibition at the San Francisco World’s Fair is declared the first of its kind ever made.

Super War Tanks (Sep, 1936)

Super War Tanks

Light tank has been so modified that it becomes a land dread-naught, many times as destructive as the ordinary tank.

WHEN tanks are used in trench warfare, the infantry advances behind them, using them as shields. The disadvantages of this practice are that the men are exposed to enemy fire, and their offensive value is negligible, until they approach a position for hand-to-hand combat.

German Body Shop Turns Chevrolet Into “Le Sabre” Dream Car (Sep, 1955)

German Body Shop Turns Chevrolet Into “Le Sabre” Dream Car

You don’t have to be president of a big automobile company to have a dream car, Maj. Ralph W. Angel, U. S. Air Force jet pilot, discovered. He simply bought a secondhand Chevrolet while stationed in Germany and drove it to the Spohn body works in Ravensburg.

Diminutive Dynamo (Jul, 1946)

Diminutive Dynamo.

Only one-fourth the size of a match’s head and set in half of a small pearl, this dynamo speeds at 6,000 rotations a minute and generates electricity that can actually be measured by an electrometer. Made by M. Fernand Huguenin, Swiss watchmaker, the machine has 46 stainless steel parts, some of which can only be seen with a microscope, and weighs .06 gram.

Hobbyist Wears Thirty Watches (Jun, 1940)

Hobbyist Wears Thirty Watches
Champion watch-watcher of the world is Charles Brown, an English hobbyist who starts out in the morning with as many as thirty timepieces ticking on his person. In addition to conventional pocket and wrist watches, he wears tiny timepieces in the form of cuff links, rings, and Lapel buttons. For years, Brown has collected watches.

Photobooth – Up to $600 WEEKLY (Apr, 1946)

Up to $600 WEEKLY

with new 5 min. photo equipment. No experience necessary. Write:

Dept. K 1012 N.W. 17
Oklahoma City, Okla.