TAKE a generous helping of polo, a little soccer and a dash of pushball, shake them vigorously with stripped-down automobiles and you’ve got Moto Polo—the newest California sports craze.

Protected by a heavy steel bumper that completely encircles the car and a sturdy framework of steel piping, each driver tries to butt the five-foot rubber ball through the opponent’s goal, using his mechanical “steed” as a mallet. Drivers often roll their cars over at high speeds without damage or injury. They are strapped in the seats with airplane-type web belts and wear crash helmets, just in case.

When smacked by a speeding car, the 200-pound rubber ball sometimes bounces 100 feet or more down the field. It often pops 50 feet straight upward when hit by two cars.

The game is played on a regulation football field or in the infield of an automobile race track. There are only three players on each team and one of them serves as goalie. Four 20-minute quarters are played. The cars are Fords, vintage 1935 and 1936, stripped down to the chassis.

The referee rides around in a Jeep (also equipped with steel hoops) dodging in and out as he watches for fouls. He calls decisions with colored lights during night games. In daytime games, he fires blank cartridges.

Two Bakersfield, Calif., brothers, Bill and B. J. Goodman, invented the new sport. They build Moto Polo cars in the garage where they run a trucking business.

Moto Polo drivers have to be skillful judges of timing and distances. The cars, although old and worn, must be kept in first-class condition as the outcome of the game depends on quick starting and stopping.

Air Mattress Dons Wings To Become Emergency Glider (Apr, 1936)

Air Mattress Dons Wings To Become Emergency Glider

TAKING his cue from the inflated canvas life boats with which many ocean liners are equipped, a Russian inventor has produced a rubberized fabric glider for air liners. While not intended to replace parachutes, it is pointed out that the collapsible glider can be stored in a minimum of space in a large dirigible, and launched through an opening in the hull when necessary.

When deflated, the glider occupies no more space than a trunk, and weighs but 93 pounds. It can be pumped up in less than 15 minutes with an ordinary hand pump, and when inflated becomes an amphibian glider 20 ft. long, with wing spread of 24 ft. In the air the craft is as easy to handle as a conventional glider.


Wow, this baby can hold over 120 bytes per inch!

saves 90% In storage and handling over punched cards

Remington Rand Univac Electronic Computers Now Make Available…

Reels of magnetic tape are utilized with remington rand electronic computer systems solving intricate computations for business, for industry, for science, for government. They operate at speeds that put facts at management’s fingertips with breathtaking rapidity. They give management today data which it formerly had to wait months to obtain.

“Giant Brains” for Business & Industry? (Mar, 1955)

“Giant Brains” for Business & Industry?

Would modern electronic equipment really improve a company’s operations…
decrease its costs?
If so-where?
In production control?
Payroll accounting?
Customer billing? Factory automation?
What make of equipment is best? What changes in company methods and procedures would be required?



Look down into the Well of Youth through these pages and see Biology’s most recent and amazing discoveries. For “booster” hearts and human cold storage are just two of many longevity miracles the doctor orders for your descendants.

YOUR great-great-great-great-great grandchildren may live for a thousand years!


Let us assume that it is the year 2136 and this far-off descendant of yours has reached the age of twenty-five. He summons a scientist and says:

“I have decided to retire from the world for a while. Put me in a storage vault and leave orders that I be restored to the world of living men one hundred years from today.”

Electronic Realism in Disneyland (Apr, 1956)

Electronic Realism in Disneyland

Sound effects liven scenic make-believe at mammoth park

WHETHER you want a rocket trip to the moon or a riverboat ride through the African jungle, you can find it in Disneyland, the super dream-and-play area created by the famous Walt Disney in Anaheim, California.

But more than a land of fun and fantasy, Disneyland has proven to be a vast laboratory and workshop where engineers and technicians have let their imaginations run wild in creating new equipment and startling visual and sound effects.

Odd Co-Branding (Grinders and Gum) (Jul, 1948)

We’ve all seen co-branding before, Dell and Intel, Burger King and Pepsi, Republicans and Fundamentalist Christians, etc. But Grinders and Wrigley’s Gum? Obvious isn’t it? I know that when I think grinders, I think gum.

Ingenious New Technical Methods
To Help You Simplify Shop Work

Versatile New Grinder Saves Time — Improves Grinding Efficiency

A new grinder, the Corlett-Turner G-3, permits changing of grinding wheels in a matter of seconds and assures a true running wheel at all times. Each wheel is individually mounted on a ground, tapered arbor.

Easy wheel changing is accomplished by a slight wrist motion on the end bells of the grinder head. A twist to the left releases the wheel arbor; the reverse action instantly secures it in place. It’s all done in a matter of seconds. No costly time is lost in repeated wheel dressing.

In addition to its primary function, the G-3 grinder has innumerable uses for burring, buffing, polishing, and production applications requiring a high speed spindle. Powered by a 1/3 horsepower motor, a three-step pulley arrangement provides speeds of 5600, 8000 and 12,000 r.p.m.

Efficiency in precision work is also increased when tension is relieved by the act of chewing. And chewing Wrigley’s Spearmint is a pleasant, easy way to help relieve workers’ nervous tension. For these reasons Wrigley’s Spearmint Chewing Gum is being made available more and more by plant owners everywhere.

Complete details may be obtained from
Corlett-Turner Co., 1001 S. Kostner Avenue
Chicago 24, Illinois


Many times each day you reach for the telephone on your desk at the office or in its familiar spot at home. It is an old and trusted friend. You scarcely give a thought to what it means to a busy day. Yet suppose the telephone were not there! Suppose—for a week—or a month —you could not call anybody by telephone and nobody could call you! The whole machinery of business and the home would be thrown out of gear.

Orders would be lost—efficiency and profits reduced. You would be out of touch with the world about you.

America needs quick, reliable, efficient telephone service to get things done in the brisk, up-to-the-minute American manner. And it enjoys the best service in the world.

Greater progress has been made in this country because of the Bell System’s one policy, one system and universal service.

America leads in telephone service. In relation to population, there are six times as many telephones in this country as in Europe and the telephone is used nine times as much.

Television Will Carry the Mails (Mar, 1935)

Television Will Carry the Mails


A twinkling beam of light records a picture thousands of miles away. It is facsimile transmission- an interesting feature of this authoritative article on the future developments of radio and television.

IN HIS struggle for new information, man has been reaching farther and farther into mysteries beyond his accustomed sphere; farther with the runner through the forest . . . farther with camel caravans across trackless plains . . . farther with ships into uncharted oceans . . . seeking speed, and relishing the advantages of new contacts. From the start, mankind has struggled for better communication.

Handle Opens One-Piece Razor (Jan, 1935) (Jan, 1935)

Handle Opens One-Piece Razor
HAILED as distinctly revolutionary in design, a new one-piece safety razor has been placed on the market.
Compactly built, the razor has no separate parts and is said to be extremely simple in operation. A twist of the handle opens the cap of the razor to receive the blade. Another twist closes the blade receptacle, preparatory to shaving. The appearance of the razor is enhanced by a plating of gold.